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We believe that every child has the right to the independence and dignity that toilet training allows.

Alice Belgrade is now providing potty training consultation electronically through FaceTime, Zoom or phone. Home-based training is on hold until further notice.

P OTTY TRAINING services can occur at 3 levels:

Level 1 occurs on a consultation basis in our office. We evaluate your child's toileting profile and provide a step by step program that you, the parent or caregiver implement. Weekly/bi-weekly appointments occur in our office as we refine and progress in the process.

Level 2 occurs as an intensive 4 day treatment program in your home. Consultant(s) come to your home in the morning and provide 7 hours daily of intensive training to your child. Led by Erica Schwab and Alice Belgrade, training decisions are made moment to moment based on your child's ongoing responses and progress. This is NOT a "cookie cutter" intervention. Each training is as individual as your child. All interventions are grounded in the research-based principles of behaviorism as well as over 30 years experience with toilet training children with and without special needs.

At the end of each day of training, the parents/caregivers are brought into the process.

Level 3 is bowel training. Often urine training results in bowel success. However, there are children who have specific issues related to bowel withholding, constipation, and soiling. We address these issues with state of the art procedures.

Your child's potty issues are as unique as your child. While the process of learning to use the toilet independently has common features, all of our interventions are individualized. We perform an evaluation of your child to assesss the level of intervention appropriate for your child's potty success.

Getting Started:

Please fill out the forms listed below and email to The Potty People email address:

1. Registration Form

2. Potty Questionnaire

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