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Alice Belgrade, MSEd., LCPC, BCBA is a board certified behavior analyst, and a licensed clinical professional counselor. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, she recieved her Masters Degree from Northern Illinois University. She received her certification in behavior analysis from Pennsylvania State University. Her experience spans more than 25 years in the fields of education and behavior analysis. Alice co-founded and directed Chicago Behavior Consultants, Inc., a private practice dedicated to behavior intervention for children and adults for 20 years. She served as the full time behavior analyst for Lake Zurich School District 95 for 11 years and was awarded the Gary W. Robillard Leadership Award. She has provided individualized and classroom instruction to children and adults with a variety of disabilities, as well as with neuro typical development. She has served as staff behavior analyst for community-based agencies. Her distinctive behavior change programs are characterized by a blend of sound behaviorist theory, creative, practical and accessible techiniques, and realistic goals. In addition to training faculty and graduate students, Ms. Belgrade is a sought-after speaker for parent and professional groups. Her unique approach to the application of the science of behaviorism has gained popularity whenever it is presented.

Erica Schwab has a Master's Degree in Elementary and Special Education from Rutgers University. She is the Director of The Potty People, subdividsion of BBC. Erica accomplished her training in Applied Behavior Analysis at the Douglass Developmental Disability Center in New Brunswick, NJ. She has worked in both public and private placements with children and adults with developmental disabilities and severe behavioral issues. Prior to her work with Alice Belgrade, Erica worked at the Jewish Children and Family Services as a lead teacher in the Early Childhood Autism Academy. She has expertise in verbal behavior, applied behavior analysis, and toilet training.  

Kathy Turnroth, MA, has a Master's Degree in Elementary Education: Autism Studies. She completed her studies in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Kathy is a certified teacher in both general and special education and specializes in applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior for children and adolescents with significant behavioral/academic deficits. Prior to her work with Alice Belgrade, Kathy ran a self-contained special education classroom in DuPage County, IL for children with autism and developmental disabilities.

Why us?

Our team has expertise in child development, education, and behavior analysis. We take a comprehensive view of the whole child in the context of his/her family and community life. Our application of the science of behaviorism is a whole-child approach that is unique in the field. Not just a 'cook-book technology', we assess the physical and emotional life of the child from the behavioral perspective.

"Behavior is a difficult subject matter, not because it is inaccessible, but because it is extremely complex. Since it is a process, rather than a thing, it cannot easily be held still for observation. It is changing, fluid, and evanescent, and for this reason it makes great technical demands upon the ingenuity and energy of the scientist. But there is nothing essentially insoluble about the problems which arise from this fact, and so we forge ahead with a commitment to apply scientific attitude and methodology to understanding human behavior." B. F. Skinner

(Science and Human Behavior,


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